About the Carbon Credits Trust

The Carbon Credits Trust is an organisation dedicated to addressing climate change and global warming by ensuring business has a profitable and sustainable way of making the changes needed to beat this problem.

The Carbon Credits Trust is comprised of a team of professionals working in areas as diverse as education, information technology, climate research, business development, carbon markets, carbon offsets, carbon credit project origination, clean and renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

We will help you audit your current emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time reduce costs and improve your profitability. Our clients range from small business to large corporates.

Our accredited carbon offset projects cover the whole range of carbon credit origination from renewable energy to bio-diversity plantings which assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst improving the environment.

In keeping with our 'hands on' approach the Trust has commenced numerous projects in our local area as well as being involved in international initiatives. Since 1998 we have been involved in projects to improve the environment, initially with assistance in small ad hoc projects south of Sydney, Australia. In 2002 we commenced remediation works on a degraded piece of land in the Sydney catchment. Over the last six years 30,000 trees and shrubs have been planted, eight kilometres of riverbank has been fenced with stock being excluded and major earthworks have been completed with the repair of seven major erosion gullies preventing sediment flowing into the river

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